One Glance

“In a hectic and self-centered society, one glance can change everything if it is acted upon.” 

“One Glance” is a short animation I created as a final project for my Computer Animation course at the University of Pennsylvania. The project began by brainstorming ideas and creating storyboards for each shot. I fully modeled all of the characters, created their skeletons and painted weights, and finally animated the entire movie using keyframes. I also lit the scene, created the models for the background objects, and fully textured the entire environment and characters. The trees were individual modeled and group together, then rendered as a single still image and tweaked in Photoshop. This image was applied as a transparent texture to a plane which was duplicated throughout the scene in order to give the illusion of a forest. The final animation was rendered in Maya using Mental Ray and composited using Adobe After Effects.