Lunar Lander

Worked with a partner to create a Lunar Lander game using MATLAB. The object of the game is to successfully land the ship onto one of the platforms without crashing into any obstacles or running out of fuel. The force of gravity constantly acts on the lander, requiring use of the ships thrust to maneuver. The game utilizes the equations of motion for determining position, velocity, and acceleration in order to provide a realistic simulation.

My role in completing the game was primarily to implement the user interface and display elements. I designed the start up GUI menu screen, and also encoded the functionality for different difficulty levels, based on the amount of fuel provided when the game begins, and gravity options. I also created the display while in-game to show the current position and velocity of the ship, remaining fuel amount, and current score. Finally, I programmed the game to keep track of a user’s score and provide a score when the game would be won, which involved allowing the lander to take off again after it had already completed a successful landing.