Hide and Seek

A Hide and Seek based game built in the Unity game engine using C# scripting and a C++ behavior animation framework. The player controls the main Lenguin character using a Mario-style first person controller. When the game starts, the players view is blocked while the lenguins hide. The opponents move around between hiding locations using an A* path planning algorithm, and if they have remained stationary at a certain location for a long period of time they begin to wander around the map. The player can fire projectiles to push opponents, and if they opponents are tagged by the player they freeze in place. Opponents have smart logic and will attempt to unfreeze frozen enemies if the player is unseen, or gang up and perform a sneak attack on the player if their back is turned. The player wins by tagging all of the enemy lenguins, and loses if his health is depleted from collisions.

The game also features an extra Ninja Mode. In this mode, the enemy lenguins all start at random positions on the map and begin pathing (again using A*) between the hiding locations. If the player is spotted during one of these patrols, they begin to chase him. If the lenguins tag the player, the game is over. Because of this, the player must be sneaky and move carefully around the map in order to avoid the patrolling lenguins. Additionally, the player’s missiles now do damage to the enemies so if cornered they can be used to defeat and freeze the opponents.