FLUD (Faster Liquids Using Divisions) is a Maya plug-in built as part of a semester-long authoring tool project. FLUD subdivides a SPH fluid simulation within a user-specific geometric boundary area to create higher resolution fluid simulation while saving the cost of universal higher level of detail. The plug-in and algorithms were based on a technical SIGGRAPH 2011 paper “Two Scale Particle Simulation” by Barbara Solenthaler and Markus Gross. The user interface for the plug-in was written with MEL scripting. The system uses a modified OpenGL SPH framework known as FLUIDS v2 to run the simulation. This framework is compiled into a DLL and linked to the plug-in, which sets up the fluid particle system in Maya. After the particle system is set up, it can easily be converted to a mesh for rendering. The above video was rendered using Mental Ray.

FLUD Design Document

Below is the full technical presentation video detailing the development of the plug-in, its algorithms, and additional results.