Cooking Kinection

Created an original game for the Microsoft Kinect using the Unity game engine as part of a semester-long game design project. The game stars a young cook with dreams to become the best chef in the world. For this game prototype, we included full gameplay for one recipe, an omelet. Players try to master the different cooking motions, burn off calories, and satisfy the customer preferences. When the game starts, players choose their location, recipe, and all associated ingredients. When the cooking simulation begins, the current recipe step appears at the top of the screen and the player must perform a full-body motion using the Kinect to properly prepare the ingredient. Motions included in the game are: Chop, Distribute, Flip, Grate, Pour, Whisk, and Wobble. Each motion has a unique Kinect action associated with it, and the user gains points and burns calories as the motion is performed. The player must finish cooking the recipe within the given time limit while satisfying customer preferences. Future work for the game includes adding additional recipes, more levels, boss battles, a more linear progression system, and of course more ingredients and recipes.

Personal contributions to the game project included: Integration of all code, art, UI, sound into the final game; Setting up and maintaining the code framework and class structure for all game objects and data; Half of Kinect motion sensing code; 3D assets for all food and ingredients; GUI and HUD; Menu screens; Core gameplay loop.

Cooking Kinection Users Manual.