Thank you for visiting my website. I am a computer scientist with primary interest in computer graphics, game design and development, animation, and special effects.

I have always been fascinated by digital games and animated films, and strive to directly contribute in a positive, meaningful way to the industry that makes such entertainment media possible. As technological increases have allowed for progressively complicated development pipelines, intricate tools, and ever more breathtaking results, I am intrigued by any methods that successfully replicate reality through simple and organized processes. I also focus on designing and promoting simplistic interfaces, as intuitive products lead to effective work and play without confusion or frustration. Finally, I strongly believe that gameplay, display, and story are equally crucial, and finding the equilibrium between them is a critical step in developing a successful product.

I am happy to provide additional details on any of the work found in my Portfolio. Please feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions or comments. I look forward to hearing from you!