Portfolio Update

I recently made a lot of additions and updates to many of the items in my Portfolio. Here’s a list of what is new and what has changed!


  • Cooking Kinection (May 2012) – A Unity game built for Microsoft Kinect
  • Explosions (May 2012) – Explosions simulation system
  • FLUD (May 2012) – Maya plug-in for creating higher resolution fluids
  • Boom Blox (March 2012) – Rigid body simulation system
  • L-System (January 2012) – Maya plug-in
  • Hide and Seek (December 2011) – A Unity game using an A* algorithm and first person controller
  • Behavioral Animation (December 2011) – Simulation system for group behavioral animations, such as flocking or wandering
  • Fireworks (December 2011) – Particle simulation system for rockets and resulting particle explosions
  • Space Invaders (November 2011) – Unity recreation of the classic arcade game
  • BVH Player (November 2011) – Uses FK and IK to control and blend different BVH animations
  • Motion Capture (November 2011) – Blended compilation from my motion capture session
  • Curve Editor (October 2011) – Tool for creating curves using various interpolation algorithms


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